The coal miner families of Scott’s Run West Virginia knew they were abandoned. No work, no money, no food, no running water, no heat, no medical care, no schooling. No way out. No surprise. The boom and bust cycles of industrial mining had remained the same since before the Civil War. Once the unrestrained greedy barons departed, the human misery set in. There was no rescue in sight.

1938 Pursglove Mine
Scott’s Run

But the families of Uvalde Robb Elementary did not know they were abandoned. Yes, they had inherited a legacy from decades of bigotry against indigenous Hispanics. But all around them was the ever-present, well-armed law enforcement. Border Patrol Costumed As Hunter-Killers roaming the barrio-colonia arresting Migration People and shoving them into the rapacious For Profit Detention Centers located nearby.

It turned out that the only policing competence required in Uvalde was the ability to slide up next to Gov Abbott’s right-wing wallet and purchase as much Military Industrial Complex Tough Guy paraphernalia as the city/county budget would allow. It was simply an investment in Make Believe. A stage play, a manipulation, an illusion and a calculated strategy operating to preserve and perpetuate raw, political power. No protection. No rescue in sight.

On the bloody morning after, many Tin Soldiers rode away.