ERC went to the West Virginia coalfields AFTER the Energy Oligarchs had taken the money and RUN back to Wall Street. She set about creating a John Dewey-inspired Community School in the midst of rich, reactionary USA.

It looked a lot like 2022. Today in Texas, the Fat Cats are hunting down Beto O’Rourke and his campaign for Governor. BETO should see them for who they really are. Sheldon Whitehouse would like to assist with the eye opening.

Canyon Lake area is very BIG money. Lake houses, boats, expensive recreational toys, gas-guzzling SUV’s, multiple Airstreams. Weekend homes, retreats, resorts. Local, everyday middle class people there are treated to a Canyon Lake version of the oligarch playground. BETO can’t secure a campaign event venue in Comal County because the money men don’t want him or his democracy.

Breaker Boys

This is calculated, strategized, High Finance Fascism. Leading the assault on BETO are the very same people who stand to benefit from ending the filibuster for Gorsuch. FBI tanking of the Kavanaugh investigation. Inserting unqualified Amy Barrett onto The Bench. Spending $580M to OWN SCOTUS. Establishing the Federalist Society as the MAGA headhunter for SCOTUS nominees. Paying $17M to purchase the services of Right Wing Nominees. Destroying a Woman’s Right To Choose. Polluting everything/everywhere for FREE. Loading up the USA with Dark Money. Abolishing Voting Rights. Deregulating The World. Demolishing public Schools. And so much more. It is an old script and one that Clapp confronted once she arrived in Arthurdale, riding on FDR-New Deal coattails.

Sheldon Whitehouse posted his 2022 list and is warning BETO and the rest of America To Buckle Up ‘Cause It’s Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride. There is no time for “engaging” with these rapacious monsters. They are Hungry Ghosts with insatiable appetites. BETO has great energy and instincts but he needs to WISE UP & toughen up. Take it from Elsie Clapp. Everything we hold dear in our Democracy is at stake.