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Play Doctor and learn how to:

Listen to a ❤️ heart beat, Take a temperature, Measure out pretend liquid meds using a calibrated dropper, Feel for a pulse, Create and use a handmade eye chart, Tap knees for reflexes, Create a patient chart with dates, times, symptoms and cure, Write a prescription, Make a Patient scheduling book, Fill empty containers with food coloring meds and use art supplies to make bottle labels, Learn the names and spellings for common medications like aspirin or eucalyptus. Fill your hours with imaginative medical investigations. Oh, and be sure to draw a detailed x-ray of a human body. Lots of bones to consider.




Cardboard Carpentry is easy because cardboard is readily available. The images here are works of art using sturdy cardboard. But any cardboard will do. Cereal boxes, index cards, recycled greeting cards, cracker boxes or packing boxes are all suitable. Tape and glue are necessary. And very young children usually benefit from having someone to partner with.

Pictures can help. Images of huts, cabins, apartments, castles, duplexes, houses, stores, businesses and complexes give children an idea of how structures are assembled, connected, designed, decorated and interrelated.

Collections of miniature people, animals, transports, furniture, plants, grasses, toys, tools, kitchenware or art provide detail for the imagination.

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