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Beautiful Handwork & Beautiful Brains

The more we disconnect our fingers from our hands and our hands from our brains and our brains from our imaginations, the better THEY like it.
All will be easier. The takeover and divestment will go more smoothly. No need for roundups or internment camps or mass eliminations because our spirits won’t cause us to resist.
That is the way THEY would like it to go down. We’ve seen all of this before, every history buff is full of stories. But these stories are of real events disrupting the creative lives of good people and there is a pattern to the narratives.
Teachers have their own special place in the refusal. They must occupy that space right now and with no hesitation. Joining with other teachers to organize not just for tenure, pensions, an end to high stakes testing, job security or a stop to unregulated, for-profit charters. What is at stake is so much bigger and more dangerous than these grassroots issues. It is the big picture that we must now image, analyze and act on before it is too late.