What Happens To A Dream Deferred

What happens to a Dream Deferred? The “crazy classroom” confirms that it keeps dreaming day and night, growing positively ravenous when left unrealized.
It certainly does not dissolve, make nice, comply or cooperate in its own destruction.

The math materials were left locked up because it was too much trouble to teach the children proper procedures for how to conceptualize, strategize, illustrate, investigate, compute and care for them.
Flat-boring worksheets were separated out into assignment piles by day of the week. These resemble the routine, abstract testing torture that substitutes for education here and the children have been subjected to them since they were in preschool!

Primary mathematics must be counted, sorted, weighed, compared, estimated, measured and observed up close and personal, so this class is just one big stumble-bumble mathematical misconception after another. They are being asked to describe grape juice having never taken the first sip.

What they do know has been rendered invisible, irrelevant and incidental. One day a literacy coach wanders into a room down the hallway and test drives a lesson on little ones she neither knows nor cares for. They must all huddle on a carpet and remain silent while she positions herself next to a tiny easel and “expertly” demonstrates for their teacher how to combine math and literature using a picture book about counting pumpkins. It is a baby-fied, boring business and the audience quickly grows uncooperative. Repeated chastisements ensue over the inattention, while tucked into a back corner high finance is conducted by the leader of a chatty gaggle of girls.

“Well if I had five bucks…If I had five bucks I know exactly what I would do. I would wait until the day was over and I would walk straight into the cafeteria. And I would ask the Canteen Lady, ‘How much did you say those suckers cost?’ And she would tell me that they cost 25 cents a piece. Then I would tell her to give me 20 because that’s how many kids are in this group.”

Suckers trump felt pumpkins!